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Struggling to find a way to make social media work for your business?

Smart Engagement helps small businesses create and build a lasting social media presence and offers social media posting and training solutions specifically for small businesses.

As a small business it is often difficult to find the time, personnel and resources to create and maintain a social media presence. In addition, it is often difficult to know which platforms and content are relevant and useful for your business.


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We set up all the social media platforms relevant to your business, collaboratively develop posting strategies that work for you and provide you with training in the management of your social media platforms to ensure you have the know-how to post.

If you just want your social media “to work”, we also provide full posting and advertising services. This includes everything from a comprehensive setup which includes linking your social media tracking to your website to ensure precise and valuable data collection, increasing followers and running campaigns, but most importantly it means creating engaging, relevant and value-adding content for the social media platforms that your small business would like to be active on.

Smart Engagement services offer everything that a small business needs to build a lasting social media presence.

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Smart Engagement Owner Sarah Smart

Hi. I’m Sarah. Owner of Smart Engagement

Researcher, communication enthusiast, linguist and technophile.

I’m fuelled by my commitment to excellence (and yes, coffee).

With my degrees in communication sciences and publishing, amongst others, and my background in marketing, my goal is to get my clients’ businesses setup professionally and comprehensively on social media. My know-how regarding backend setup and working with the special features of your social media accounts as well as being up to date with the latest developments in the field is what sets my work apart.

In addition, I use collaboration to enhance my service offering enabling Smart Engagement to be a one-stop shop for everything I know my clients need for the various aspects of their business’ online journey.

Contact us today and let us help you get excited about your social media presence.